A new year ahead

So.. it’s been a month already. Really need to add all the missed music and updates of all projects. But life has been busy. As always the holiday season and the year end will give some stress on daily life and the days pass without notice before you even ackknowledged them. But never the less…Read moreRead more

Short followup on last week

Still no time to really put some of the pictures and text together to get full stories. But if I don’t keep it going the will never be updated… I’ll get there.. eventually… So yet another short overview of what’s keeping me busy at the moment and if I made any achievements : Kill Krusha…Read moreRead more

The Collector – Wings….

The Collector, still having some fun with this one. Last week I’ve started with the wings, together with the preparations for the main body. Still looking for some input how to paint the face as that will be the hardest part of the mini. It can make or break it. But for now.. Removing the…Read moreRead more

Kill Krusha – Prototyping

Hi all, I’ve been working hard on getting the first parts in place. Last week I’ve put some effort in aligning the tracks on the original model and checking if it all would fit without altering it to much. For now it looks like it will fit. But I have not received the final motors…Read moreRead more

Kill Krusha – Let’s get started

  I’m really looking forward to this one. About three years ago when we bought our cutting machine I had the brilliant idea to create a papercraft tank or at least something big for my miniatures. After my first poor attempt, I dropped it… It was just to much work to convert all pdf pages…Read moreRead more

The Collector – Starting with the base…

The Devil, Eye Collector. Today I got it in the mail. And of course the first thing I needed to to is get everything from it’s sprue and glue it together with woodglue. Why wood glue? well just to ensure if I can get them off again after I had my first look. Check her…Read moreRead more

The Collector

The Devil, Eye Collector…. That’s the full name of this mini. I hadn’t worked serioully on a miniature for quite some time. But when I noticed this model I just had to give it a shot. I currently have painted the base and her wings, and am now working on filling the gaps on the…Read moreRead more

A warhammer 40k Chaos Lord

More details later on…

Project – Kill Krusha Tank

My recently started “bigger” project.. More to follow soon….  


adjective [ before noun ] /ˈteɪ.bəl.tɒp/ /ˈteɪ.bəl.tɒp/ ​ used to refer to board games, card games, and other physical games, rather than computer games: Dungeons and Dragons Hi all, One of my sons has a major interest in several of the old school fantasy games, and the modern based of them or course. You can…Read moreRead more