Back again…

For now that it. Once again I failed to maintain regular updates. But I will also try to make it up shortly. Tried a new theme today and I’m making some templates for work on the backend of it all. So hopefully I can update everything soon.. Will keep you posted!!! Till then 13.

Short followup on last week

Still no time to really put some of the pictures and text together to get full stories. But if I don’t keep it going the will never be updated… I’ll get there.. eventually… So yet another short overview of what’s keeping me busy at the moment and if I made any achievements : Kill Krusha…Read moreRead more

Short update – What I’ve been doing…

Didn’t had a lot of time last week to make a lot of progress on all the stuff laying around at my desk. But today I was able to get some stuff from my desk and finally.. I got sound from my guitar again. Several months ago I noticed that I couldn’t get my guitar…Read moreRead more


Just to see how they look and work.

New headers

Just updated my headers. Initally I had taken some examples from the web. But I’ve created my own now 😉 Have a look :

Updating categories

Updating website. Temporary post for custom headers and graphics.