It’s been a while

Hi all,

It been a while. I just got caught up in daily life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But a lot has been done the last few months.
For the space crusade project I’m still working on the blood angles. I’ve now set them up to be painted in parallel but still. can get myself to the point finishing them. But winter is coming so hopefully I’ll have them finished later this year. And more miniature updates are coming. I’ve been working on a Minotaur which I think came out nice. And as I recently got more into soldering and my sons sold some of my old magic cards, I bought a predator tank from WH40k. The whole thing will be magnetized and will have some nice LEDs build into it.

And from there on I have build a delay pedal for my guitar with my stepdad. And as I found that fun to do I started to scratch build pedals myself. Got one ready and boxed, but I’m having some trouble with the sound coming out. So I’ll have to debug. But…. no idea where to start. Besides that I have another distortion and compressor pedal on my desk. Hopefully all finished or at least working in the upcoming week or two. And that of course leaves the guitars themselves. After the upgrade of may Black Lady. I started on the second one. Just plain and simple replaced the golden hardware with black. Sorry can’t help it but a cherry guitar with golden hardware is not my taste. But with the black it really looks awesome. And to top it off I’m almost to the point of soldering my last connections for my rebuild. I have completely disassembled my son’s old guitar and replaced almost all hardware and gave it a repaint. Fun project. As a result I’m working onย a guitar design for a completely scratch build guitar to start with next spring. That one will take some time. but hopefully I’ll get a nice photo report.

Will shortly showcase one of the projects.

My Omni Drive WIPomnidrivewip

But for now.. that all.



Weathering the other side…

I must admit it was more fun then I anticipated.
Once painted I directly had the idea to use the work on a GW landspeeder model. The model in question is already half done for quite some time but never really got by to finish it. (hmmm I mentioned that earlier) So while looking at the weather I thought it would be a nice exercise. But then again.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So nothing else to do then once again another practice session.
The aim was to created a better spread of the rust and give it a bit more damaged look and all within a reasonable time.
Once again the dremel was used to give the rust spots a bit of a weather feeling. And this time I used a rusty color as based color and only used the chipping medium on the spots of rust itself giving the rest of the model a bit better coverage. All together it took me a bit under an hour to complete.

I must say it looks better then the last one. Even the roof looks much better with the brownish base coming thru.

Maybe I need to buy more of those cars as it is fun to do.



Till the next time.

Weathering first attempt

Hi all,


For some time I was planning to give vehicle weathering a try. However even with all the tools at hand I was hold back as I expected to be to much of a hassle. And as I only have limited time at hand at the moment I mainly focus on the easy short exercises.

But while looking for shoes for my sun I noticed a small old looking car in a shop for almost free.
So I just couldn’t resist and buy it just to see if I could make something of it. Once back home I dropped it on the shelf saying to myself… well that will be there for some time.

But a few hours later my mind was turned and I just couldn’t resist giving it a shot.

So I grabbed some rusty colors and the rest of colors needed for the body work and gave it a short.
First time for the use of chipping medium. And I must say I like the thought of it. However the model of this size is hard to handle once the new top coat has been sprayed on. As a result I had several spots where the paint worn off just by holding it. So something to keep in the back of my head in a next attempt.

Overall I thought the initial attempt was worth showing, so here it is ๐Ÿ˜‰

weather_before weather_after

Before and after..


Till next time.



A long time ago…

I started a blog to keep track of what I’m doing with my miniatures.
But for some reason I’m not the best blogger ๐Ÿ˜‰ So after some time of piece let me share what has been and is on the table.

So what have I been doing since July.

Let’s start with the Space Crusade rebuild.
I had idea’s, plans, solution and the tools. However I was missing time. ๐Ÿ˜‰
At some point I just was annoyed that I didn’t progress as fast as I wanted so I dropped the project for now and started more or less the same but then in a game engine to see if I are able to create a wave based shoot em up in space crusade style. For now working hard on getting into the basics of blender to be able to create my own assets.


Besides that I had the brilliant idea to let my wife think of a “setup” for a small dark eldar diorama.
The choice was made and the general idea would be to make a sort of offering scene with a priest offering something.
Well that something became a knife and I started with creating the overall diorama setup.
At the same time I started with some test painting to see howย in the hell I was able to create a pink armour while still maintaining a dark atmosphere. Well… I can’t. The pink stays pink and I just can’t get it right the way I want to.
So for now parked till I have an new idea on how to tackle the color scheme. Meanwhile I also have bought some new diy materials so I think I’ll have a short new attempt on the base itself soon.


And not to be forgotten.. The Daemon Prince.
I really like the kit from the games workshop. So last year I bought the set with the thought to start on it when I had more or less better painting skills. But I still suck at painting ๐Ÿ˜‰
So I just started with basing and some color tests. As I also just received my new airbrush it was a nice test to do.

I now ย have some idea’s on how I want to paint him, so next steps is finalizing the base and start painting.
Here some pictures of the work in progress.


1oct_005 1oct_006

And then my current project. As a mate of mine requested some help in rebuilding a model truck (partially) I got some new supplies. So now I finally had some plasticard and profiles to do some DIY.
But due to our busy schedules no time yet to really start working on it. As I just couldn’t let the chance pass by to work with it I decided to create a scratch-build killa kan. Nothing better to start with the Orks, especially due to the fact it doesn’t need to be perfect.

So here it is my work in progress. And for now I’m still motivated to keep on working on it. So who knows and I might show you something finished soon hahahaha.

1oct_007 1oct_008



Till next update..


GMM 2015 – prt 1

Hi Folks,

Finally this year we could make it happen.
Another visit to the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium.

I the past, together with one of my best friends, I’ve visited the festival multiple times.
But due to relocation’s, busy work, children and all you can imagine in an adult live we did manager to go for several years. But this year was the festivals 20th anniversary, so.. well we couldn’t pass it.

The poster looked quite impressive. Some new names but also a lot of classics. All combined with some of my personal favorites we got in the car on the Friday morning and of we go.

As usual we just got all of our stuff in my friends car an just headed over to the border. A pit stop is always needed as we only buy our goods for the weekend a few hours in advance. Why plan, it’s festival time ๐Ÿ˜‰

Our biggest worry at the point was getting through the lines once we get there. In the past we’ve spend several hours waiting in a crowded funnel of people awaiting to get their tickets.

But this year it was different. Within 5 minutes from reaching the ticket boxes to exchange our e-ticket we were on the terrain.

But then the long way over to a spot to put our tents down. I must say it was quite a walk. As we were rather late (the camp site was already open since Thursday afternoon and by now it is Friday noon, we were at the back of the campsite. But I must say it is not the baddest location to be camping. at night there are less people walking around and basicallyย more space to put your tent ๐Ÿ˜‰

But we’ve made it..
Now just setting up the tents and then head over to the festival. Let the weekend begin!!!!!

Will add some day to day reports later on.


Till then


The view from our tent..

Space Crusade – Chaos taking form

Hi all,


Quick update..

After my new paint set arrived last week, it was time to get back behind the table.
While searching for inspiration I stumbled on my parts for the chaos troops in my Space Crusade rebuild.

First go was a great miss. I tried to get a Khorny look but ended up using my airbrush for the washes. But pressure was to high so it dried on the spot leaving a grey film over the entire mini. Pity as I personally thought it worked out quite nice. Better then my second attempt. But never the less, it will be used as a learning experience. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So take two for the same mini. As I was just practicing to get a good color for my Space Crusade rebuild I just re-primed it without bothering the get the previous paint of. I know will regret it later on but just wanted to paint and the others were still in build stages.

As I initially thought I was heading in the right direction is still need some more time on the washing.. And this time I used a brush and only washed the parts were shade was needed. While it looked quite nice wet.. once dried I wasn’t really happy with the result. But as I at the same time realized that the color scheme was not what I had in mind. “How the !@%# can I screw that one up???”
I just decided to put it aside and continue tomorrow. Just for practice.

So time for getting one glued together and get back to the original idea of the painting scheme.
Time for some heavy guns ๐Ÿ˜‰

The original squad of the game consisted of 5 mini’s. 1 commander, and 4 marines. One of those had a grenade launcher. ย While going over my mini collection and looking for new boxed I should buy for my project I’ve decided that a heavy bolter was much more appropriate then the original rocket launcher. We are of course inside a space hulk.

So back to the table and start gluing ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll update you shortly with some pictures.

Till then…




On the Table – Paint… and paint.. and even more paint

Hi all,

Yesterday, the day was finally there.
After saving money and then waiting for stock, the day finally came.

My brand new paint set :



It is the Vallejo Game Air series and I’ve added a nice rack and the game effects series.
I already had a nice combination of Model Color and Model Air series paints but ran to often into the situation that I just didn’t had the correct colors to combine.

But now… issue solved.
Unfortunately I didn’t had a lot of time to check them out so can’t really tell something about the quality of the paints. But the review on the web were great, and looking at the normal Model Air series i think it all will be fine.

And the sack on the top row are small glass balls. I’ve put one in every bottle and the first shake tests really show that the pigment residue on the bottomย of the bottles are dissolving. So looks like a great buy overall.

I’ll let you know how it turns out ๐Ÿ˜‰


Till then.



On the Table – Balsa the next attempt

Back again.

Couldn’t help it but I just had to give it another go. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This time different color and used a wash instead of an ink. And then quickly assembled a mini to go with the coffin.

First photo has the “old” coffin next to it, and as you can see the new one is much better scaled.



Till next time.


On the Table – Balsa to be continued

Back again…

After the potting table I was fully into the creation mode with balsa.
So the next “tryout” was of course a short distance away.

It basically started while I was cleaning up the left overs of the table. Thou the leftovers were to small for further use on the table I thought it would be nice to try out something smaller. besides that I also needed some small project to test the painting of the balsa as I had no experience on that.

While looking at my box of half painted mini’s is stumbled across a skeleton from the Tomb Warriors. Immediately I thought of a coffin. So cutting all the small parts into even more smaller parts and started gluing.

I think the actual result is rather nice. It is however a bit to large but for a first try I think it came out nice. Either way it provide me a stable base to work on with some paints.

The first test, well also the final, was to get started with inkt. So I pulled out the only inkt I had which was vallejo game inkt brown. The wood really soaked up the inkt so that the grain of the wood was still visible. To be honest… looks nice.. But it needed a bit more depth. So I added some drops of black wash (GW) to the overall coffin and tada… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Let me know what you think of it. And yes the lit is missing ๐Ÿ˜‰













Till next time



On the Table – Potting bench and gradients

I currently am struggling with trying to get more feeling with painting gradients.
Glazing, layering, thinning and so. Tutorials enough on the web but till now still having no luck in replicating ๐Ÿ˜‰

But last night I had a few minor victories. I just picked the first few paints from the rack, where they all are stored randomly. Which reminds me that it is really time to build something for that. because this way I spend a lot of time finding the correct colors over and over again.

But back to the painting. I took a part of cardboard and basically added some small foam pad on it.
Painted a part black and a part light grey. Both Vallejo surface primers.
Directly going over to the primers. Currently I use two for the lot of my painting, the black one and the grey. The black one is brilliant. Stays good in the bottle and has an excellent coverage. Brush strokes almost always disappear while drying and can be used directly in the airbrush from the pot. The only complaint is that it has a bit of a glossy look once dried while using a brush. But easily fixed by varnishing the model after completion with some matt varnish. The grey one is… well maybe I just bought an old stock one. But it is very hard to get it mixed properly in the bottle and has a tendency to part while using to much air pressure from the air brush. I just get a watery film layer with dots of pigment. As I said can just be bad luck as black works great. But as a result I haven’t bought any of the other colors.

Time for gradients. I had some red, yellow, blue and greenish colors from the rack. And started to mix them first with distilled water. All paints were mixed on a wet palette.
First thing to notice is that the red binds terrible with the water. As you can see in the picture on the bottom the left red square. I just doesn’t cover properly. As a result I added some matte medium as that was all I had to try out. And that helped a lot. As you can see in the right red square the coverage improved. The amber yellow color had more or less the same issue. I currently have used a dilution ratio of 1 drop of paint, 1 matte medium and three drops of water. I used the same mix for all colors in the test.

Then the blue and green. The green was terrible. I think with some work, the effect will come out nice but it takes quite some effort to mix the paint. While mixing a had a lot of times that the pigment more or less flocked in the mix. So while painting you get a lot of small spots with dark green pigment. Maybe it’s just the mix ratio but I needs more followup. But as you can see in the second photo the effect should be usable in some sort of way ๐Ÿ˜‰

The blue however was great. The color mixed easy and was really transparent. The brush strokes disappeared while drying and two to three layers made a nice even coverage while letting the base color through. So this gives a lot of possibilities on the pre-shading with the based colors.

But at the end was nice to give it try and will certainly give it another go in the near future.


Then I still wanted to do something was but ready with painting for the day. So I decided to try to create something for my wife. My wife has a large doll house on a 1/12 scale. And while wondering around the web I’ve decided to make a potting table out of balsa. And I have to say it came out quite nice. Next step is to see if I can get it painter properly so I think the next step will be starting to work with pigment weathering. But I’ll let you know the result.

Here a photo of the bench. As I said all balsa expect for the main frame. All done on a 1/12 scale.



Till the next time.