The Collector – Wings….

The Collector, still having some fun with this one.
Last week I’ve started with the wings, together with the preparations for the main body. Still looking for some input how to paint the face as that will be the hardest part of the mini. It can make or break it. But for now.. Removing the mold lines and filling the gaps. And as that all takes some time as the putty needs to dry and I need a moment of piece and metal quietness for that I continued first with the wings.

The wings are painted with yellow/brown and rusty colors. I first started out with airbrushing the base colors and then slowly added more lighter colors to give it a bit more shading.
The lot was blended using washes or glaces. The hard parts were painted with a verder dark grey. It is not that notable on the pictures but after that it was washed with brown and black. This gives the recesses in the parts a bit more depth. I’m currently not sure if I add a bit more highlights to give even more detail.
The same goes for the skin in between. While the washes gave a bit more shades on the holes and scratches I’m still missing something in the overall picture. But as the main colors on the body are not yet painted I really have no reference to see what will work best. So for now I just leave it as it is.
Hoping to have some more time upcoming weekend to finally start with the body.

Will keep you updated…



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