A new year ahead

So.. it’s been a month already. Really need to add all the missed music and updates of all projects. But life has been busy. As always the holiday season and the year end will give some stress on daily life and the days pass without notice before you even ackknowledged them. But never the less…Read moreRead more

Project H.A.N.D. – Delayed…

Hi all, I was having a lot of fun while working out the several challanges to create the all in one interfacing glove. Some issue I had were due to the fact that the chosen microcontroller did not had enough storage.. And optimizing the code is not my strongest point. I had issues with the…Read moreRead more

Project H.A.N.D. – Positioning p.o.c.

Hi all, Positioning. Well it started all with an example I watched on youtube, where someone used an accelerometer to move/position a 3D model on a computer. While having my glove in the back of my head, which originally was only to have some LED’s move according to bend sensor positions. I thought that it…Read moreRead more

Project H.A.N.D. – P.o.C. Finger movement

Hi all, One of the main items I wanted to include in the h.a.n.d. project was the ability to track the position of the fingers. So I should be able to track the amount of how I bend my fingers.  So after some checking on the internet the conclusion was that bend/flex sensors are the…Read moreRead more

Project H.A.N.D. – P.o.C. Parts and Costs – Mainboards

Part and costs… As always while working on hobbies on of the things is to keep the costs low. So when I started working with Arduino’s I started out with ordering them online and of course using our chinese suppliers. The positive part of that is that it is all cheap.. Downside however that not…Read moreRead more

Project H.A.N.D. – The background

Project H.A.N.D. As I was born in the late 70’s I grew up enjoying all the wrong 80’s and 90’s Sci-Fi movies and all the things we could achieve in the near future. Nowadays a lot of the technology made up for those movies is actually around in some form. And one of those things…Read moreRead more

Project H.A.N.D.

H.A.N.D. Hugo’s Augmented Nexus Device   more to come soon….