Short followup on last week

Still no time to really put some of the pictures and text together to get full stories.
But if I don’t keep it going the will never be updated… I’ll get there.. eventually…

So yet another short overview of what’s keeping me busy at the moment and if I made any achievements :

Kill Krusha
Still progressing on this one. I now have two servo’s for the main cannon.. 1 to turn and 1 to go up and down. All is now connected to specific motor driver board and all is working… Well.. sort of.. For some reason even with enough power provided everything stalls after the first 45 degrees of movement. I think it has something to do with the power needed for the servo to control it.. So something to break my head over next week. Why next week.. well this one was busy with other projects and that thing called life…
Oh.. before I forget.. Started to work on a new frame. 3mm cardboard enforced with polyester. Seems to work well for now. So who knows.. I might have started on the final version after all.
Project Kill Krusha

The Collector.
Tried filling the gaps with quick drying epoxy glue… Why?!? because I had it mixed 😉
Looks a lot better.. but not that good that it is painting time.. So more on that later on.
Project Collector



This is what really kept me busy in between moments.
After I got sound from my guitar again, I wrapped up the pedalboard to a working piece of parts (no it’s not that bad..) and while I was at it finalized three pedals in a go.
So my Big Muff replica is finally working, same applies for my plexi drive. And after that I was able to get a pseudo reverb working, was good to finally have some results with those pt2399 chips.
Later that evening I also made tremolo and a fuzz.. but both not working yet. The fuzz seems to have a switch problem and the tremolo… yeah.. good question.. no idea yet.
Will hopefully put some of the build logs online shortly.
Project Pedalboard

The Lady in Black
She works.. finally.. Directly tried to also include a distortion in the body but didn’t got it to work. Something for later on. Overall she works just fine again. Just need some time and patience for getting the intonation right.. She’s on some strings a bit fast out of tune.. and with treble full open you can really hear that something is quite off..

But… she works 😉



Scrappy the printer

Nothing here to say.. Found a power supply. But did nothing with it yet. Maybe in a week or two.


Thats all for now.
Till next time…



What do you think ???, started with a logo for my pedals :

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