Back again…

For now that it. Once again I failed to maintain regular updates. But I will also try to make it up shortly. Tried a new theme today and I’m making some templates for work on the backend of it all. So hopefully I can update everything soon.. Will keep you posted!!! Till then 13.

Working on updates

Hi all, As you can see I currently have several posts online which do not have a lot of text. But currently I’m working on getting the backend of the website properly updated to ensure I can maintain it. The previous setup was just one big pile of data.. Hence updating the site itself was…Read moreRead more

Media content missing

Hi all, Just a short one. I’m currently slowly writing down all my updates and posts. However… the original idea of the media placement and layout is not working out as I wanted.. The whole thing is currently just taking up to much time. So behind the scenes I’m working on a better way, but…Read moreRead more

Updating website

Currently working on some updates for the site. Please come back soon.