M.M.M.M. the January update!!!

Busy, busy, busy and even more busy… Had several clips ready to be posted.. But never got to them…

So here it is the last ones of 2018 and the recap of January.

24 dec Within Temptation Gothic Christmas

A funny metal christmas song.. We are listening to it every year for years now. Merry Christmas to all..

31 dec Kid Rock – Happy New Year
Just another Kid Rock song.. The guy just does an awesome job in what he is doing 🙂

7 jan IN THIS MOMENT – The Promise
A song which reminds me of some of those old days. Knowing that someone somewhere is not within reach.. There is no future.. only now..

14 jan Lamb of God – Redneck
Just another awesome L.o.G. song. I really like the band. Awesome riffs and killer voice.

21 jan Rage Against The Machine – Killing In the Name
No metal overview with some of the classics.. Who doesn’t know the riff. Played it over and over again.. Fortunatlly I had the opportunity to see them live several times..

28 jan IN FLAMES – I Am Above
One of the new songs of In Flames. Timing and Lyrics are so spot on for everything in my life at the moment. And once again a killer riff.

So.. that’s all for now.
Hope you’ve enjoyed them.. And hopefully till next week.


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