noun [ C ] /vaɪˈveə.ri.əm/ /vaɪˈver.i.əm/ plural vivaria /vaɪˈveə.ri.ə/ /vaɪˈver.i.ə/
a container, often with a glass front, in which small animals, especially small reptiles, are kept as pets or so that they can be studied.

And yes we have more then one of them. To be specific, two aquariums, one insectarium and one paludarium.
In other words, two fish tanks one bug house and a frog container. 😉

However at the moment the lot of them are either work in progress or currently sitting there awaiting the proper habitat to be “formed” So recently we have setup a medium fish tank in the room of my son (was his birthday present) and as a result my daughter got his old little tank and last weekend the values were good so she added her first neon’s. My wife on the other hand really likes those tiny bright colored frogs. So she has started to create a nice paludarium with plants and so one and the general idea is to get the first frogs in there at the end of this year.
I at the other hand decided I wanted some new bugs. In the past my youngest sun had some Eudicella’s and to be honest they were quite fun. And as he has moved recently I thought it would be a nice way to keep him at close reach sort of say.

But all those tanks creates also a lot of maintenance.. So here the project comes in. The fish tanks are the last ones on the list to do something automated with them. However the paludarium and insectarium need a bit care due to the balance needed in there.
And a I recently discovered all the fun stuff you can make nowadays.. I thought what the heck.. Let’s build a home made automated climate control.  So I will keep you posted on the progress, as it is currently not even on paper. But will use the blog to save all my notes an progress so you can follow the project.

Till then..


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