The Collector – Starting with the base…

The Devil, Eye Collector.

Today I got it in the mail. And of course the first thing I needed to to is get everything from it’s sprue and glue it together with woodglue.
Why wood glue? well just to ensure if I can get them off again after I had my first look.
Check her out : 


As you can see she has great detail. I just couldn’t resist to give it a shot. I did however did not put any effort in painting for the last two years. Only some low detail basecoats and basic coloring.
But nother really spectacular. I’m not the greatest painter but I do like to try to give it at least my best to have it look good.

So for this miniature I started out with the base. I first had a look at the ground of the base. I had seen another version of this mini online and that guy had replaced it by some blood. As I liked the idea and it fits the overall picture I’ve decided to add a piece of wood to raise the miniature. After that I glued it all together and painted the base with black primer.
The blood and gore was made by putting wood glue putting over it all and add some drops of superglue. Then wait a few moments and then you will get a rubbery substance. Just spread it over the base and let it dry. This takes about half an hour and then it is rock solid. I used blood paint from Citadel to give it that bloody effect. I used vallejo special paint blood dry and fresh blood to make the transfer from the ground to the skulls.
Skulls were painted using a sandy tone and then add several layers of wash.. Black for the deepest parts and brown to shade it.
The skulls were drybrushed using several colors from sand to grey to blueish grey. Then I redid the washes but then dilluted to make a better transfer to the main color of the skulls. To blend it all I used a glace using a very dilluted mix of the base and highlight color.
Then I added some additional blood smears to give it that extra effect.

Overall I think it turned out nice.. I’ve added some pics of the process.


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