Short update – What I’ve been doing…

Didn’t had a lot of time last week to make a lot of progress on all the stuff laying around at my desk.

But today I was able to get some stuff from my desk and finally.. I got sound from my guitar again. Several months ago I noticed that I couldn’t get my guitar back in tune again. And when I took an evening to go through everything I noticed that my bridge was bend.. so yes, that explained a lot. So while looking for a new bridge I also replaced the old wiring and made room for a build in effect. But after doing it all I had no sound anymore. And today I finally found the issue. I had soldered one connection the wrong way, so short circuit as a result. But all working now. So while I was at it I also reconnected my soundcard/mixer to be able to directly connect my pedalboard to my pc. And after that I wanted to finalize the wiring on the board, but I can’t find the powerplug. So no progress there. But as the soldering iron was hot I took out my old big muff project as it had nog sound coming out of it. But some small tracing showed I put in a trannie backwards. So another succes and a classic working for the board.
So overall productive hobby day 😉

I’ll add more details on the specifics in their own posts.

And besides that I have been working on the cannon turret for the krusha tank. But also more on that later on.



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