Project H.A.N.D. – P.o.C. Parts and Costs – Mainboards

Part and costs…
As always while working on hobbies on of the things is to keep the costs low.
So when I started working with Arduino’s I started out with ordering them online and of course using our chinese suppliers. The positive part of that is that it is all cheap.. Downside however that not all works according to specifications or some other components are used resulting in default interfacing with windows is not possible.

However the positive side of that is that you learn  how to trouble shoot the hardware.
So cheaper means more work in the lot of the cases is my current experience.

So when I started I worked with a Uno clone resulting in the understanding of how it all works. But… it is big.. So I ordered a Nano clone. Which had a defective regulator so that was a day or two delay in understanding why it would not work. Then the first tests resulted in such poor response using multiple sensors (low memory), I started to look for other solutions which then resulted in the finding of ESP8622 cards like for example the Wemos D1 mini clone. But the was missing the lot of the analog ports needed for sensors used on the fingers.. ARGH!!!! to much options. But the D1 was actually working rather good. The memory available was much larger and resulted in a more stable setup. But as stated the analog ports… So back again to the shops and looking for other solution. Currently I’m about to start testing with a Arduino Pro Mini clone. This has once again more memory then the D1 but no WiFi. At the other hand a lot more pins. So the interfacing with a separate ESP8622 should be feasible. But then again the calculating power of the pro is less so coding must be more optimized. ARGH… What did I got myself into.
For those reading.. Please do note that I ordered my first Arduino 3 months again with no prior experience, so the project is based upon.. I should be able to do that and trial and error.

However looking at the costs… (do mind all clones) I spend more than needed. But the boards not needed will be used in other projects so in the final cost overview I’ll remove all hardware not used.
Arduino Uno R3        around €3.50
Wemos D1 Mini         around €3.00
Digispark Mini           around €1.10
Arduino Nano            around €2.00
Arduino Pro Mini      around €1.70

Next step sensors…..

Will keep you updated 😉


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