Project H.A.N.D. – Delayed…

Hi all,

I was having a lot of fun while working out the several challanges to create the all in one interfacing glove.
Some issue I had were due to the fact that the chosen microcontroller did not had enough storage.. And optimizing the code is not my strongest point.
I had issues with the amount of ports needed and or available. And on top of it all booting up the entire thing caused to much power, and that of course resulted in a dead battery within moments and a lot of boot loops due to the peak power draw.

So what’s next..
Well I tried to find solutions on the lot of the issues. And with some constructive work I was able to get some of the basics functioning. Besides that the entire process also learned me that some of the hardware I used could also be used stand alone and even has more power than the original Arduino I used…
So in the end the only solution is back to the drawing board and start over.
Currently I have created a small test setup with a ESP32.. This module is also capable of using it’s own wifi and bluetooth. That combined with a 10 DOF sensor instead of the 6 DOF and seperate compass all working over a I2C bus helps a lot in getting it all connected.
The new modules also have better power consumption and or deeep sleep modes. And of course the code. The previous script was a big page of data.. Loops all over the place and so on.. So I’m currently working on getting it better organized and more modular so I can update specific parts without having to redo the whole thing. 
This stuff is a challange.. And every time I think I have a solution, I find a better one 😉
And don’t forget the actual glove itself. The previous one was made out of cardboard and cut by hand. 
The card board is almost 3 mm think and hence maybe not the best option. So currently I’m testing with new materials.. Think thinner cardboard, paper hardener.. Maybe some polester or epoxy..
And to ensure it is really all mine I’ve started to work on a 3D model of the actual glove, which I then unfold in Pepakura to create a papercraft model of it.

In the end there is a lot of work done but no real results to show. The complete design of the glove from scratch and all the rework on the techie shizzle on it will take some time.. But winter is coming hahahahah 

(will add some picture below later on)

Till next time 😉

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