Once again something else… PCB design

Hi all,

I’ve been working on building my own guitar effects more activily for the last two years.
I don’t have any background in the area so it was just for shits and giggles to see how things worked. But I loved it.
The fact that you can basiclly alter anything to your own taste really got me going. And I also started to read more about the perfect setup and all the rules for the best results.
And while I’m now slowly understanding better what to take into account and where to look for debugging I wasn’t really putting a lot of effect is transferring a designed schematic into an actual PCB. Oh yes.. I played with the software and during some cold nights I made a few rough sketches but never got anything working.

So time for a new approach. I collected some smaller circuits which a) should fit in a small enclosure and b) have a low part count.
And tonight I’ll give it a go.

I have taken for now the schematic of a very simple delay. More or less a slimmed down version of the datasheet examples. I have already made this one in the past and it was working in one go.
So I’ll start by copying the schematic into KiCad and redraw it based upon the example found online.
After that I’l add all schematics needed for a default 1590a enclosure. And then put it all together.
The aim is to have a pcb which is hooked up to the stomswitch and is able to house board mounted pots. As a result the only wiring left should be the power supply and connection to the in and output jacks.
This would simplify the build and if it works provides me with a base for future projects.
After this one I’m thinking of a small fuzz or boost. But as I have a ton of PT2399’s at my desk I thought.. what the heck.. lets give it a shot.

I hope to have some pictures and short story on how I did it soon.

Till then 😉


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