Kill Krusha – Let’s get started


I’m really looking forward to this one.
About three years ago when we bought our cutting machine I had the brilliant idea to create a papercraft tank or at least something big for my miniatures.
After my first poor attempt, I dropped it… It was just to much work to convert all pdf pages of the template to a digital format my cutter could understand and getting the right paper, so it would not fall apart after I started to glue it together, was also not really tuning out as I wanted.

But recently my best friend stated he would really like to see a project come alive from beginning to end in every details available.
So at the point I started to think… And then I decided to make me a project. The tank.. it was still in the back of my head.

So whats the idea??? Well lets keep it basic.. I want.. The Kill Krusha tank, just build from scratch with movement, light, sound and everything I can think of during the build 😀
So in a bit more detail.. I want : 

  • Scratchbuild the tank based upon a paper model
  • Motorize it. Get those big tracks RC controlled..
  • Lights… Sound… turret Movement..
  • Paint it!!!!

Well that sums it up high level. So I started last week. The main goal is to have something to show within 6 months.. (doesn’t have to be fully ready then but basics must work) And build it all with a limited budget of aprox. 60 euro’s. So major challenge to do in between daily life.. But lets give it a shot.
I have started last week and will shortly show the first progress made..


Till then,


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