Just me.. And what I have been up to the last week.

So it was a bit low on updates recently.
I did enough and took photo’s of everything but did not had the time yet to add some updates.

A short overview of what’s keeping me busy at the moment :

Kill Krusha
The tank is slowly progressing. I had some issues with creating a so called H bridge so in the end I used a chipbased motor driver for the tracks.
Currently the tank can also ride backwards and make turns on the spot. Still figuring out some requirements for the power supply as the smoker uses the lot of the power.
I think I’m also connecting that to a driver instead of the current transistor switches I’m using as the power draw when engaged to so high all else more or less fails.
Tonight I have planned to work on the base for the main gun. The turret will be turning using a servo and I hope I get it to work later on.
Project Kill Krusha

The Collector.
One of her arms is a really bad cast and I need to rebuild a part of that using green stuff or something like that. However my sculpting is not that good.
So currently I’m just waiting for the moment I have the right mindset to polish her up.
No time line yet. But when I have her correct it shouldn’t be to long.
Project Collector



I have several in a more or less finished state. But.. still nothing to hook them up. So the pedalboard first needs to be finished and then hopefully I get my guitar up and running.
Project Pedalboard

The Lady in Black
Well my Les Paul had a broken bridge and I replaced it. When I did that I also thought it would be nice to prepare her for some additional features (read FX) and I reordered all wiring and added pots and switches inside for the next step. I also needed to intonate it first but for now… I was not able to get her working again.
I rewired her twice now and still no sound. It’s a bit tricky as I’m using active pickups. So maybe I’ve burned something in there. But something took look into earliest next week.



Scrappy the printer
Meanwhile… ?
I’ve started with a project that had it’s part in a box for some time but never really got started.
It’s a scrap build low tech 3D printer. Made from an old 3D pen and some DVD drives.
The main base is ready and I have two of the three axes installed.
Currently looking for some nylon pins to hang up the main controller at the back of the metal enclosure. 
No rush on this one. Just for fun. But it would be great to have ready soon as I can use it for making some basic shapes for the tank while finishing the outside.
But we will see.


Thats all for now.
Will share proper updates hopefully later on this week.

Till then


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