A new year ahead

So.. it’s been a month already. Really need to add all the missed music and updates of all projects. But life has been busy. As always the holiday season and the year end will give some stress on daily life and the days pass without notice before you even ackknowledged them. But never the less life goes on and in between the chaos I’ve still been working on my projects.

A short overview of what’s been done in the last two months.

Project Kill Krusha – I have made a new shell to work with. Got the turrent ready and I’m now working on the battery chargers and LDO’s to ensure a stable power source. However to be able to start testing I need some work on the tracks and they way I want to attach them without to much custom work. I think I just work with pieces of lego.. But not sure one that. It is scheduled to be picked up next month. Goal to finalize the project is still set for March. So I really need to start making some progress.

Project Collector I was so proud that she was finally reaching a more finished state… But… I dropped her.. So for now a moment of anger and hence I’m ignoring the project.. Yes it really sucked all that work and then shattered to pieces.. It can be fixed.. But not sure when I pick it up. So on hold for the moment.

Project Deamon Prince This is an old new one. A project started two years ago but never got to the point that I had a direction in relation to color scheme’s. But I have some updates on that.. More to follow later on.

Project Zombicide Decided to also add this to the site. Something done in between.. But will add a project log later on.

Project PedalBoard I had some issues with the power supply and replaced it so now its working much better.. Currently thinking of a new version with all the lessons learned. But more on that in the building log itself.

Formula 5 Finally got time to work on this pedal. Wanted to make for some time but never got to a working version. Now it’s finally there. Still not completely satified about the result but that will come in time.

The Riot Finally.. My Suhr Riot clone.. I really love this one. Got it working in almost one go an love the sounds. Will make a modded version later on this year to see if I can tweek it to my personal preferences

The box A pseudo reverb pedal. Really great to have it on the board. It does however has some strange behaviour with some other specific pedals. So something to work on and learn from.

Travel box I started with creating a small amp for any occation amp. And to ensure I can also use it for other purposes I want to include a Bluetooth speaker. In it’s early stages and currently I’m sniffing in the area of DSP processing using microcontrollers. Electrosmash has some nice examples. But more on that later 😉

Project Hand I started with a revamped version as of last week. In the original project I have learned a lot in relation to what components and sensors can do and how they interact. For now I’m working on a new version from a new approach. Using an ESP32 as its core. Currently I have a heartbeat scanner, Gyro, Acc, Magn and envirionmental sensors up and running based upon library examples. So enough to start talking about a rev 2 😉

Lighthouse Got a request from my family if I was able to create new lighting for a Christmas project. So overall we worked about a day on it and got a very nice result. The requestor was happy with the result. I’ll add a page about it later on.

PCB Design Still working on an overall layout. But I keep on encountering small issues which have great impact on the overall layout. But work in progress.

And I also have done a lot of drawing.. well coloring.. but nothing that spectacular to add it here.

More later on..

Thanks for reading


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