Running projects and a short update…

Hi all,


How’s life?

It has been busy lately. Life caught up again, and of course the website updates are then always failing.
But that doesn’t mean there were no updates.

A short summary of what has been done on hobby related material.

  • Arduino related
    • Worked a lot in learning some of the basics. The Paludarium controller is now slowly reaching it’s prototype stage. At the moment I have several high powered leds, ambiance light, multiple temperature sensors, lcd display, fans, pump, rain sensor and soil sensors connected. The next big thing is building it all in a test box so I can start testing and check how everything works together. Will post a more in depth report soon.
    • The dress.. Made a dress for my daughter with build in leds. Was a fun project, but…. it failed 🙁
      In the end a “simplified” version was made last minute to give here something to show at school, but the orginal design needs some overhauling.
    • Firefly jar… Currently also started on a firefly jar. My daughter had a small jar with two blue leds build in which was standing in her brothers room for quite some time. As we redecorated her room she wanted to have it however of course the blue leds were not the color she wanted. So on a rainy afternoon I’ve created a small jar with a blinking candle light led driving two pink ones. The result came out nice. She’s happy 😉
    • Firefly jar, overhaul.. Simple just doesn’t cut it.. I can’t stand it is not how I want it.. 😉
      So I’ve started with some of the preparations to build a more advanced one. Will first work with just normal leds to keep life simple. And when that version works I’ll see what I can do using a RGB addressable led strip. But time and resources are limited so this will be on the long run..At the other hand.. Would be nice to have it ready before Christmas.
    • Table top interactive table.
      Due to the current circumstances I have put this project on hold. My son has made a decision to start his life’s journey so we will not continue till he has found his path.. So if your reading.. I miss you and hope to see you soon again.
  • Guitar related
    • The practice box.. Well this is a new one. Last year I have made an attempt in creating a stompbox for on the road practice. It had a build in switchable overdrive/distortion, internal low wattage guitar amp and a crappy build in speaker. But… was not working the way I wanted it 😉
      As my duino knowledge is getting better I’m now working on making something like that but then a bit more advanced. And I’m thinking of getting a internal hifi interface to convert the guitar amp output to a output which those crappy low end speakers can handle. And while I’m add it I might add a small version of the PedalShield from ElectroSmash using a arduino nano instead of an uno.
      But it is in it’s early stages so need to get the required parts list ready first.
    • And of course my pedals… Still working on my little green monster. Finally I got the point in my life where I finish a project before starting a new one… Well sort of. But as I’m still missing a proper pot to finalize the controls this one is on hold. I expect to have the parts shortly and should be able to wrap it up in a week or two. Nice one btw for a build report. So hopefully will get there soon.
    • The pink axe…
      Something I’m thinking off. My daughter gets more into making music by herself and daddies guitar are of course awesome (hehehe) so I’m thinking of making here a “lets make some noise” three string guitar like.. well guitar… but still in the only thinking about it phase so hopefully something to start with upcoming spring.
  • Other
    • The website. Well once again a short post.. I really need to find a way to make my life easier in updating.. Working on it and hopefully will get the hang of it.

Looking at it all, I think I might have missed a few small projects I’ve done in between.. But well as I can’t think of them right now they are probably not worth mentioning  😉

Once again.. Thanks for ready and see yo soon.



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