M.M.M.M. – Faybian’s recap…

Last year I started to send my sons a link to a youtube video on every monday morning when they were living in Sweden. Just to keep in touch and to share our intrest in music. So the Monday Morning Metal Medley was born.
However since August one of my sons has returned to the Netherlands and I started to share them on my blog here and I forwarded them a recap every month as I did not always got response.. So it was now turning the list into My Monthly Metal Mayham!!!!

But yesterday I received a recap. All the ” reply ” songs in one list. So here it is. 
The recap of M.M.M.M. shared by Fay… Full list link as always at the bottom of the post. 


Enjoy 13.

FFDP – Burn MF

Iron Maiden – Can I PLay With Madness

Shinedown – Diamond Eyes

Disturbed – Are You Ready

Powerwolf – Out In The Fields

Avenged Sevenfold – Ethernal Rest

DOOM OST – BFG Devision

Three Days Grace – I Am Machine

And for this week : 
Blind Guardian – Traveler In Time


Full Playlist


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