Half a Thirteen

Recently my little girl turned 7.

And for some time, I was already thinking of giving here something to remember her of our little special moments during those years.
So I created a poster with photo’s covering all those moments for the last 7 years.
To go nostalgic I’ve took about 50 photo’s starting with her birth and our first moment together, and converted them to smaller polaroid photo’s.
By the time she will have her own kids, they won’t reconize what they are ?

But nevertheless I put them all together with the dates written on the photoframes and added a silk background to give it a bit more of… uhm.. pink..
Yes even more… ?
Overall I’m very happy with it.

I have ordered it to be printed on a very big poster.. And hopefully it is ready soon.. Can’t wait to give it to her.

” By my hand for a moment….          
                                in my heart forever…. ” 
                                                              – With love, Daddy – 


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